By Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová

The Atlas of Seeds and end result of important and East-European flowers provides approximately 4,800 seed illustrations, supplemented with specified seed descriptions, short plant descriptions, and data at the locality and the local resource of crops. The Carpathian plants coated the following happens not just within the Carpathian Mountains, but in addition in huge lowlands extending in the direction of the south, north and east and consists of brought and invading flowers of greater than 7,500 species. This e-book is exclusive on counts. Its scope extends to an extraordinary variety of various plant seeds from a wide-ranging area. in addition, it provides descriptions in strange element.

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Surface of the pericarps carmine-red, slight wrinkly, without a pericarp nigrescent, faint foveolate, dull. 2n = 76. Originally growing in Japan, very decorative, usually cultivated in parks, gardens, town verdure in warmer areas. Cz, Hu, Mo, Ro, Sk, Uk. 96. Calycanthus occidentalis Hook et Arn. − Shrub, up to 3 m high, with deciduous leaves, flowers on the short lateral twigs. 4-5 mm. Surface smooth, slight lustrous, dark-chocolate brown, on wings and surrounding areas hirsute. Native to California; in the Carpathians very rarely cultivated, mostly in botanical gardens.

5 mm. Surface with some deep furrows, tuberculate, dull, unique with pitch glands, brown. 2n = 22. Native to Euro-Siberia; in the Carpathians very scarce, in belts of Pinus mugo and higher on rocky grounds; grown in rock gardens. Pl, Ro, Sk, Uk. 74. Juniperus communis L. − Shrub or tree, up to 10 m high, with prickly awl-shaped needless in the whorls of the tree, cones are blue, waxy covering. Seeds hard-shelled, longish-ovoid or triangular, 4-5 x 2-3 mm. Surface tuberculate, dull, brown, with 2-4 lustrous, smaller or bigger pitching growths.

5-3 mm. Surface grooved, smooth or grained with some pitch glands, lustrous, lower part reddish-brown, upper part whitish-brown. 2n = 22. Originally in Eurasia and North America, in subalpine and alpine chains; in the Carpathians growing in gardens, parks as ornamental in some forms. Mo, Ro, Sk, Uk. 72. , Thuja orientalis L. − Shrub or low tree, up to 10 m high, corona conical to oval, branches upright. 6 mm. Surface faint longitudinal furrowed, slight lustrous, darkbrown. 2n = 22. Native to northeastern China on hills and in mountains; in the Carpathians frequently cultivated for decoration in parks, gardens, cemeteries in many forms.

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