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The water target was not rotated relative to the beam axis. 79-cm thick NE-102 scintillators. That coincidence was also used as part of the timing circuit in the timeof-flight measurement. Typical beam intensities were 5x1O4 particles per 23 Secondary Neutron YieldsJLorn Thick Targets second. The beam spot size was approximately 2-cm high by 3-cm wide. Data taking runs were between 1 and 4 hours. Six cylindrical NE- 102 neutron detectors were deployed in two different arrangements to yield measurements at 0", 6", 15", 30", 45", 60", 90°, 120", and 150".

An array of three detectors was placed at 90 degrees (beam left). Single detectors were placed at 125" and 160" (beam left), and at -30°, -45", and -60" (beam right). The detectors at lo", 30", 45" (beam left) were placed approximately 405 cm from the target position. The detectors at 60" (beam left) were about 354 cm from the target, the detectors at 90" were about 242 cm from the target, and the detectors at 30", 45", and 60" (beam right) were about 204 cm from the target. The single detectors at 125" and 160" were 233 cm and 203 cm, respectively, from the target.

At energies below 20 MeV, the spectra are dominated by the breakup of the target. Because the target remnant is moving slowly in the lab frame, that source of neutrons is essentially isotropic. As such, targetlike neutrons can be seen at all angles. As target mass increases, the relative contribution to the overall spectra from target breakup increases. This feature can be seen by comparing 400 MeVhucleon C + C and C + Pb spectra (Figs. 19) at low energies. At intermediate energies and intermediate angles, the spectra are dominated by the decay of the overlap region, where a sizeable number of projectile nucleons and target nucleons mix and can undergo several nucleon-nucleon collisions.

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