By Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit, Samm Schwartz

Archie Comics #145 - April 1964

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525. 41. For Diagoras, see most recently M. Winiarczyk, Diagorae Melii et Theodori Cyrenaei reliquiae (Leipzig, 1981), to be read with his “Erganzungen zu ¨ Diagoras und Theodoros,” Philologus 133 (1989): 151–52; Bremmer, “Religious Secrets and Secrecy in Classical Greece,” in H. Kippenberg and G. ), Secrecy and Concealment (Leiden, 1995), pp. 61–78; Parker, Athenian Religion, p. 208; Obbink, Philodemus: On Piety, pp. 525–26; and ¨ PapyJ. Hordern, “Philodemus and the Poems of Diagoras,” Zeitschrift fur rologie und Epigraphik 136 (2001): 33–38.

460–400? ), who could have developed into an atheist but apparently did not, was born. 2) and Galen in his De propriis placitis (2, ed. Boudon-Millot and Pietrobelli) still recognized. And indeed, during his life he was highly respected: Pericles, the leading Athenian politician in the middle of the fifth century, invited him to write the constitution of the panhellenic colony Thurii in Southern Italy (Heraclides Ponticus, fragment 150 Wehrli 2 ) and Plato even noted in his Meno (91e) that Protagoras had lived out his life in high repute.

Consider for yourselves, do not base your opinion on words of mine. I say myself that tyranny kills very many men and deprives them of their possessions; and that tyrants break their oaths to ransack cities, and in doing this they are more prosperous under heaven than men who live quietly in reverence from day to day. I know too of small cities doing honour to the gods that are subject to larger, more impious ones, because they are overcome by a more numerous army. 28 Consequently, the gods have no power and religion is imaginary.

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Archie Comics 145 (April 1964) by Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit, Samm Schwartz

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