By Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case (1884-1954) was once some of the most revered of the yank occultists within the early twentieth century. ''An creation to the research of Tarot'' used to be initially released in 1920 and has been a number one introductory consultant for all with an curiosity within the Tarot.

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The latter is Chesed, the Sephirah corresponding to the number 4, and the reduction of 13 is 4. Now, the production of new forms of manifestation through the operation of the Imaginative Intelligence involves the passing away of older forms, in order to give place to the new. Every new invention, for example, throws countless old devices upon the scrap-heap. Hence the Tarot pictures the Imaginative Intelligence either as a reaping skeleton, or as a skeleton rider upon a white horse. The latter is Mr.

These two cards are also connected with the Tower, because they correspond to the first Heh in the Tetragrammaton. In the same way, too, the Tower corresponds to the Magician, whose number is the final reduction of the extension of 16 (136=10=1); to the Chariot, whose number is the reduction of 16; and to the Wheel of Fortune, whose number is the first reduction of the extension of 16. In the symbolism of this trump, Mars is the lightning flash which denotes the masculine aspect of Spirit or Purusha.

The cross itself represents the Tetragrammaton, for it has eight arms, the number given by the reduction of 26, the value of IHVH. On the left of the wheel descends the golden serpent of the Astral Light. From its tail to its head are ten curves. Beginning at the tip of the tail, thirteen points are formed, including the head. ” Thus the descending serpent signifies the tenfold emanation of the One Spirit of Life. On the right of the wheel a red Hermanubis rises. His color is that of the lion in Strength, of the Emperor's robe, and of the outer garment of the Magician.

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