By Donna Cunningham

ISBN-10: 0916360571

ISBN-13: 9780916360573

Discarding the fatalism and obstacles of conventional event-oriented astrology, this e-book is characterised by means of its sleek, cutting edge, and commonsense technique. In transparent, unpretentious language, Ms. Cunningham explores the deeper meanings of the planets, homes, features, and transits, emphasizing self-understanding, own progress, and the significance of accepting accountability for oneself. She provides the reader particular instruments to paintings with in making use of astrology to one's personal existence. This ebook furthers the advance of a favorable, useful language with which historic astrological symbols could be understood in smooth phrases.

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Can we accept feeling dependent and work to get those needs met? And, similarly, how do we respond when others are dependent on us? With a Moon in Cancer, for instance, dependency is often strong. These individuals may be extremely dependent on others and show it; or, conversely, they may hide their own dependency, consciously or unconsciously, by compulsively caretaking others. The catch here is that this mother-to-the-world pose can leave them drained and feeling even more needy. A Moon in Aries person, on the other hand, places a high value on independence and has a very low tolerance for other people's dependency.

Why do thoughts have so much power? Occult teachings say that there is a plane of existence called the astral where we go during dreams, in trance, or after death. On the astral plane, our thoughts take immediate visible shape, although they are not of a material you can touch. Whenever we "hold a thought" for a very long time, be it a positive or a negative one, then a thought form is created astrally that shapes reality on the earthly plane. So, it is true that thoughts have power, and we must be observant about what we are thinking.

When we use beauty, charm, or wealth to trap another person into loving us, that love will probably last only as long as the beauty or wealth it was based on. Yet for a great many men and women, these superficial Venusian traits are the basis for accepting or rejecting potential partners. The physical characteristics of each planet in our solar system seem to parallel the planet's role in our lives. The Sun represents our center, while Venus is merely one of the planets that orbits around the Sun.

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