By Owen Skousen

A five cassette path for deveoping speedy examining. additionally comprises handbook.

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The programmation tape is a very valuable tool. The more quickly you program your subconscious, the more quickly you can begin to effectively use your newly developed reading and learning skills. In the beginning, use this tape twice a day. If this is not possible, use the Programmation Tape in the morning, while you are fresher and more relaxed, and go through the relaxation exercises in the evening. The more often you use both of these practice tapes, the more easily you will develop the reading skills.

Stop the recorder now and practice following your hand without a beat. Create your own regular rhythm. Use your practice book. Practice for a few minutes, until the movement begins to feel easy, then return to this point. DO IT NOW! ” The metronome will keep you pressing. You will always be able to go a little faster. You stay with the beat, even if it seems impossible to do so. You are extending your limits each time you push yourself this way. The tape has beats at various rates. It begins at 40 beats per minute and goes up to 160 beats per minute.

As we begin to slow down the beat, your eyes will move much more effortlessly than they did when you sped up the beat. Stay smooth, regardless of the beat. Go back to your starting point again. This beat is back to 80 beats per minute. Stay with the beat. On the way up, this was much more difficult for you. Stay smooth. See how much easier this is already. At this rate, you are reading at 720 words per minute, if there are 9 words per line in your practice book. Stay with the beat, smoothly. Once again, go back to your starting point.

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Alphanetics by Owen Skousen

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