By Mohamed Elkadi, Bernard Mourrain, Ragni Piene

ISBN-10: 354033274X

ISBN-13: 9783540332749

Algebraic Geometry offers a magnificent idea focusing on the certainty of geometric items outlined algebraically. Geometric Modeling makes use of on a daily basis, to be able to remedy sensible and tough difficulties, electronic shapes in keeping with algebraic types. during this ebook, we now have accumulated articles bridging those components. The war of words of the several issues of view ends up in a greater research of what the foremost demanding situations are and the way they are often met. We specialise in the subsequent very important sessions of difficulties: implicitization, category, and intersection. the mix of illustrative photos, specific computations and evaluate articles may also help the reader to address those topics.

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1] If dim X = 0, i) The following are equivalent: a) X is locally defined by at most n equations, b) Z• is acyclic, 0. c) Z•µ is acyclic for µ ii) If Z• is acyclic, then [Fitt0R (SIµ )] = det(Z•µ ) = H δ G, for every µ ≥ (n − 1)(d − 1) − εX , where 1 ≤ εX ≤ d is the minimal degree of a hypersurface containing X and G = 0 is a homogeneous polynomial which is a unit if and only if X is locally a complete intersection. Remark 10. In fact [Fitt0R (SIµ )] = det(Z•µ ) = π∗ V for µ ≥ (n − 1)(d − 1) − εX , and the degree of G is the sum of numbers measuring how far X is from a complete intersection at each point of X.

Chen. The moving line ideal basis of planar rational curves. Comp. Aid. Geom. Des. 15 (1998), 803–827. 9. D. Cox, R. Goldman, M. Zhang. On the validity of implicitization by moving quadrics for rationnal surfaces with no base points. J. Symbolic Computation 29 (2000), 419–440. 10. C. D’Andr´ea. Resultants and moving surfaces. J. of Symbolic Computation 31 (2001), 585–602. 11. D. Eisenbud. Commutative algebra. With a view toward algebraic geometry. Graduate Texts in Mathematics 150. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1995.

Fn )−→S is defined by: (a0 , . . , an ) −→ a0 T0 + · · · + an Tn . The following result shows the intrinsic nature of the homology of the Z-complex, it is a key point in proving results on its acyclicity. SI and the homology modules Hi (Z• ) are Theorem 7. We have H0 (Z• ) SI -modules that only depend on I ⊂ R, up to isomorphism. • We let R := k[T0 , . . , Tn ] and look at graded pieces: dT dT 2 1 R ⊗k Z1 (f ; R)µ −→ R ⊗k Z0 (f ; R)µ −→0 Z•µ : · · · −→R ⊗k Z2 (f ; R)µ −→ where Zp (f ; R)µ is the part of Zp (f ; R) consisting of elements of the form ai1 ···ip ei1 ∧ · · · ∧ eip with the ai1 ···ip are of the same degree µ.

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