By Katja Hetterle

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This learn investigates adverbial clauses from a cross-linguistic standpoint. based on different fresh typological study within the context of complicated sentences and clause-linkage, it proceeds from an in depth, multivariate research of the morphosyntactic features of the phenomenon less than scrutiny.

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It will be shown that the morphosyntactic make-up of adverbial clause constructions differs substantially across clause types; that is, that the intra-categorial structural diversity is immense. It is not random, though, and the observed patterns will be linked to usage-based principles that motivate them. Based on these findings and in keeping with previous work in the context of subordination (Cristofaro 2003), Chapter 4 studies the individual types of adverbial clause by analyzing their divergent behavior with respect to the issue of clausal downgrading, but as will be discussed in more detail below, the present work deviates from previous work in scope and method of analysis.

In the tables and figures, some easily accessible abbreviations are used (TEMP = temporal clauses, CAU = causal clauses, CONC = concessive clauses, COND = conditional clauses, PURP = purpose clauses, RES = result clauses, MAN/INSTR = clauses of manner/instrument, SIMIL/CMPR = clauses of similarity/comparison). In addition to that, the following abbreviations occur: MCP main clause phenomenon ndo no dominant order (referring to the order of V and O) SNM Natural Semantic Metalanguage OE Old English SoA state of affairs TAM tense, aspect, and mood WALS World Atlas of Language Structure (Haspelmath et al.

Multivariate Typology” in Bickel 2010a, or “Parametric Approach” in Gast & Diessel 2012) obviates the need to squeeze multifaceted linguistic structures into the rigid straightjacket of Latin grammar, recognizing that grammatical phenomena are rarely absolutely identical across languages, but rather similar and largely language-specific (cf. also Haspelmath 2007b). Multivariate analyses allow for the measurement of this similarity on the basis of universally applicable, unambiguous variables that can be analyzed quantitatively and evaluated by means of precise statistical methods.

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