By Enrico G. Beltrametti, Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond

ISBN-10: 1461358132

ISBN-13: 9781461358138

ISBN-10: 1461519756

ISBN-13: 9781461519751

Advent; E. Beltrametti, J.M. LévyLeblond.GeneralReviews: Experiments with unmarried Atoms in Cavities and Traps; H.Walther. Experiments with unmarried Atoms, Molecules, or Photons; S.Haroche. Quantum results with Ultracold Atoms; Y. Castin, et al. move of unmarried Electrons and unmarried Cooper Pairs in steel Nanostructures; M.H. Devoret, et al. Interferometry with debris of Nonzero leisure Mass: Topological Experiments; G.L. Opat. Achievements in Neutron Interferometry; H. Rauch. Electron Interferometry and Holography; A. Tonomura. Quantum Phenomena and Their purposes in Semiconductor Microstructures; F. Capasso.Specific Topics: Quantum Fluctuations and Superconductivity; R. Fazio, A. Tagliacozzo. Spontaneous Localization and Superconductivity; A. Rimini. Photon-Photon Correlations from unmarried Atoms; M.O. Scully. Einstein Causality in Interatom Microcavity-confined Transverse Quantum Correlations; F. De Martini, M. Giangrasso. 3 reviews at the Aharonov-Bohm influence; M. Berry. protecting Measurements; Y. Aharonov,L. Vaidman. vulnerable Measurements; L. Vaidman. eight extra articles. Index.

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The quantum photon antibunching effect is also a typical single particle effect. If the fluorescence from many atoms is observed, the photons emitted by different radiators are uncorrelated in time and the antibunching effect is washed out. For samples with large absolute atom numbers, the radiation propelties become classical. The observation of quantum jumps as well as photon antibunching are not caracteristic features of ion traps. These phenomena can indeed be observed on untrapped atoms (the first photon antibunching experiment has been performed on an atomic beam27 ), but the trap configuration which allows one to observe a single particle for a long time is very convenient to study these effects.

This condition can be fulfilled only if the transition natural linewidth (reciprocal of its spontaneous lifetime) is smaller than the trap oscillation frequency, which determines the separation between the hatmonic oscillator levels. Such a condition has been achieved in small size Paul traps and the cooling to the trap ground state has been observed18. The ion is then at rest in free space, to within the quantum-mechanical limits imposed by the surrounding apparatus (zero point motion), an ideal situation to perform high resolution spectroscopy.

G. Englert, H. O. Scully, Quantum optical Ramsey fringes and complementarity, Appl. Phys. B54:366 (1992). 32. W. Paul, O. Osberghaus and E. Fischer, Ein Ionenkafig, Forschungsberichte des Wirtschafts- und Verkehrsministeriums Nordrhein-Westfalen 415 (1958); E. Fischer, Die dreidimensionale Stabilisierung von Ladungstragern in einem Vierpolfeld, Z. Phys. 156: 1 (1959). 33. G. Dehmelt, Radiofrequency spectroscopy of stored ions, I: storage, in: "Adv. Atom. Molec. Phys. R Bates and I. M. Penning, Die Glimmentladung bei niedrigem Druck zwischen koaxialen Zylindern in einem axialen Magnetfeld, Physica 3:873 (1936).

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