By F.G.A. Stone, Robert West (Eds.)

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ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12. content material: bankruptcy 7. The Literature of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry 1972Author Index: studies of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry; writer Index; topic Index; Cumulative record of participants; Cumulative record of Titles. summary: ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12

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This Page Intentionally Left Blank 0 0 lnsertion Reuctions of Trunsition Metal-Carbon a43onded Compounds 11. Sulfur Dioxide und Other Molecules ANDREW WOJClCKl Department of Chemistry The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio . . 11. Sulfur Dioxide Insertion. General Considerations and Background . 111. Kinetics and Mechanism of Sulfur Dioxide Insertion . A. Scope . . B. Reaction Intermediate . . . C. Effect of Alkyl and Aryl Groups . . . D. Effect of Ancillary Ligands . . . E. Effect of Solvent .

Considering first the reactions of the metal alkyls with neat SO,, the dependence of the rate on the nature of both R and ancillary ligands implicates electrophilic cleavage of the M-C bond. g,, R = Me >> CH,CMe3 and R = CHaCHMe,, CH,CH,CMe, > CH,CMe, (71,75),is consistent with an S,2 backside (79)attack of sulfur on a carbon. This is corroborated by the observed inversion of configuration at a carbon in the SO2 insertion of threoCpFe(CO),CHDCHDCMe, (133,134). Lack of any detectable change in the rate upon addition of a free-radical scavenger, 2,2-diphenyl-1picrylhydrazyl, to a solution of CpFe(CO)&H,Ph in SO, (71, 75) accords with the above mechanism.

I n fact, oxygen-bonded insertion products have been isolated only for titanium and zirconium (232, 132). However, recent spectroscopic studies have demonstrated that (111) is the kinetic product of the insertion with a number of metal carbonyl alkyls and aryls; it then isomerizes to (I) (72, 73): M-R + SO2 - 0 II M--O-S-R I1 0 + M-S-R I1 6 This aspect of the SO, insertion will be considered in detail in Section 111, B. Sulfur dioxide insertions can be either intermolecular or intramolecular. For example, in the reaction ( 3 ) (73)precoordination of the inserting CpFe(C0)ZMe + SO2 + CpFe(CO)nOS(O)Me (3) SO2 is not likely.

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