By Viacheslav Eingorn

ISBN-10: 1906454310

ISBN-13: 9781906454319

Playing as Black in a video game of chess should be tough. Do you just attempt to neutralize White's initiative, or move all-out to complicate the sport? both method, there are various pitfalls, and many examine could be needed.

In this e-book, Grandmaster Eingorn indicates that it truly is attainable either to play solidly, and to take White out of his convenience sector. He recommends principles and move-orders which are a bit off the crushed song, yet which he has very conscientiously labored out over decades of his personal perform. The repertoire, in accordance with taking part in 1...e6, is strikingly inventive and may entice those that desire a enjoyable existence as Black. you'll get each probability to illustrate your chess talents, and are most unlikely to be blown off the board through a pointy ready line. All you would like is a versatile procedure, and a willingness to attempt out new constructions and ideas. Eingorn's refined move-orders are fairly powerful if White refuses to select up the gauntlet, as Black can then use his hold up in enjoying ...Nf6 to strong impression and take the struggle on to his opponent.

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Txb2? :td2 'ii'e6 (20... tf6 22 ti:Jd5. e6 1 7 lt:Jxe7+ 'ilfxe7 1 8 'ilfe4 llxd l + ( 1 8 ... :td8 20 l:tc l , Bodiroga-Jovancic, Pancevo 2005. White has a pawn-up ending with opposite-coloured bish­ ops; probably not enough to win against accu­ rate defence, but nevertheless giving chances in a real game. trs (D) B w Now the play becomes concrete: d 1 ) 1 2 ... e I ti:Jb6 ( 1 4 .. 'ii'c8 1 5 'ili'b5 ! tf4! th3?! tc5 1 7 lt:Je6! :tac8? tc5 22 ti:Jde2 ±. d2) 1 2 ... xd5 ! :tfd8 ( l4... ti:Jxd5 1 5 lt:Jxd5 might transpose, and White This is the traditional main line of the Tar­ rasch Defence, played in thousands of games.

It is one of those high-class waiting moves that appears to do little, but makes a few modest improvements without allowing the opponent anything con­ crete to latch onto. l'Llb4, a move which appears in several of the main lines and is relevant should White play 'ili'c2. 39 Next, it creates an escape-hatch, so that if it were White's move, he could play 14 'ili'b3 ! e6 with 1 6 l'Llcb5, for exam­ ple. That's a threat which has to be dealt with, but more importantly, White strengthens his grip on the dark squares, which is the issue in so many of the main lines of the Tarrasch.

Txd5 22 ifc2, as in Kotsur-Namir, Ha Long City 2009, give White a slight advantage) 1 8 e3, and although Black's position is tough to crack, he does have six isolated pawns, four of them doubled, and I suspect that the great majority of players would take White if given the choice! :td l ! , 20... :tfe8 22 l2Jbl ! :tdc I �xd2 26 'ii'xd2 t, again because of Black's many weak pawns and mediocre bishop. c5 Because of what follows, Schandorff thinks that Black should try l 5 ... :tc2 �f5 17 e4 (D).

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