By Carol K. Mack, Dinah Mack

Watch your again! . . . easy methods to spot and establish demons and different subversive spirits . . . And what to do next.

Demons, fairies, and fallen angels are in all places. They lurk at crossroads, crouch at the back of doorways, conceal in timber, slip into beds, wait in caves, hover at weddings and childbirths, cover themselves as neighbors, relatives-even conceal themselves as you. they're strong; they're protean; they're mesmerizing. And, to the uninformed, they can be invisible. This illustrated guide-the first of its kind-reveals the amazing variations of the demon and fairy species world wide. choked with lore approximately every one demon, detailing its origins, the tradition surrounding it, and its reputed antics and exploits, A box consultant to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and different Subversive Spirits is an engaging exploration of worldwide mythologies. excellent for the armchair visitor and the intrepid, pro demon-spotter alike, this entire advisor to subversive spirits deals a behind-the-scenes examine the devilish mishaps, impish irritations, and demonic devastations that punctuate our lives.

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The Munuane began to feel around rather stupidly in the 2 3 / MUNUANE water with his hands while far away ashore the fisherman watched his futile search. Then, suddenly, the Munuane spotted the man, climbed from the raft, and the chase began. The man climbed up a palm tree and, using his magic powers, made it grow taller until it bent over like a bridge to the other side of the lagoon. He jumped off, and immediately the tree shrunk back to its original size, thwarting the demon's pursuit. The following day, the Munuane reached the man's village.

It seems there is nothing other than extreme measures here, so to avoid loss, the Guide advises a healthy respect for such powerful nature spirits as the Wahwee. MADAME WHITE China Madame White, a lethal, possessive, eerie demon of Taoist lore, appears as a fabulously beautiful human woman dressed in white. She has typical fairy features: a dainty, cherrylike mouth, a tiny waist, and petite feet. She is always accompanied by a demure maid dressed all in blue. Her appearance is utterly illusory, and she will revert, under stress, to her demonic form: a white python.

The notion of the demon as an elder sibling/spirit who came before humankind is found in the folklore and myth of many traditions. It is said to explain their attitude and their sense of prior claim on property, thus expecting tithes or sacrifices from mortal usurpers. Meanwhile, in India, ancient spirits were winged hovering siblings of equal power. They were all brilliant shapeshifters who shared the power to create illusion (maya). Their struggles were a kind of recognizable sibling rivalry for the same turf known to so many human families.

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