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Utilizing a self-contained and concise therapy of contemporary differential geometry, this publication might be of significant curiosity to graduate scholars and researchers in utilized arithmetic or theoretical physics operating in box conception, particle physics, or basic relativity. The authors start with an uncomplicated presentation of differential varieties.

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This publication is an exposition of semi-Riemannian geometry (also referred to as pseudo-Riemannian geometry)--the learn of a delicate manifold offered with a metric tensor of arbitrary signature. The primary precise instances are Riemannian geometry, the place the metric is confident convinced, and Lorentz geometry. for a few years those geometries have constructed virtually independently: Riemannian geometry reformulated in coordinate-free style and directed towards worldwide difficulties, Lorentz geometry in classical tensor notation dedicated to basic relativity.

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The unification scheme in the framework of string/ brane theory indicates that the classical (pseudo) Riemannian description is not valid on all scales of interactions. It turns out that low–energy dilaton and axi–dilaton interactions are tractable in terms of non–Riemannian mathematical structures possessing in particular anholonomic (super) frame [equivalently, (super) vielbein] fields [6], noncommutative geometry [7], quantum group structures [8] all containing, in general, nontrivial torsion and nonmetricity fields.

We refer also to applications of Finsler geometry in the theory of stochastic processes and kinetics and thermodynamics in curved spaces [61, 63]. Perhaps, the original idea on Finsler structures on phase spaces came from the A. A. Vlasov monograph [91]. The locally anisotropic processes in the language of Finsler geometry and generalizations were investigated in parallel by S. Vacaru [50, 51, 52, 55, 61, 60] and by P. Antonelli, T. Zastavniak and D. Hrimiuc (see details and a number of applications in Refs.

Phys. 37 (1996) 508–524 [55] S. Vacaru, Locally Anisotropic Stochastic Processes in Fiber Bundles, Proceeding of the Workshop ”Global Analysis, Differential Geometry and Lie Algebras”, December 16-18, 1995, Thessaloniki, Greece, ed. G. Tsagas (Geometry Balkan Press, Bucharest, 1997) 123140; gr–qc/ 9604014 [56] S. Vacaru, Locally Anisotropic Gravity and Strings, Ann. Phys. (NY), 256 (1997) 39-61 [57] S. Vacaru, Superstrings in Higher Order Extensions of Finsler Superspaces, Nucl. Phys. B, 434 (1997) 590 BIBLIOGRAPHY xlvii [58] S.

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