By Steve Giddins

ISBN-10: 1904600859

ISBN-13: 9781904600855

In a sequel to the highly winning 50 crucial Chess classes, Steve Giddins now provides 50 video games that every illustrate a big profitable procedure. This attractive and hugely readable booklet is a painless method to construct your individual arsenal of ideas and concepts. The video games are in most cases from the fashionable period, yet with a couple of vintage examples selected to teach key subject matters in as transparent a fashion as attainable. In those situations, the defender can have by no means visible the serious concept earlier than, and fails to react accurately. We then flow directly to extra advanced examples the place the attacker must conquer stiffer resistance. Giddins time and again indicates that regardless of the tactical complexity of lots of those battles, the elemental suggestions might be grasped through all chess-players, and should support them navigate via it seems that intimidating terrain. the numerous issues comprise: * Attacking susceptible color complexes * the primary of 2 weaknesses * selecting the right exchanges * Devastating commencing guidance * Manoeuvring in 'restraint' constructions * dealing with must-win events

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With this booklet, all one must recognize are the basic principles of chess and traditional chess notation with a view to achieve an intensive figuring out of the all-important establishing online game in its many adaptations. easily, essentially, and with prepared appreciation of the amateur's ordinary barriers, foreign Grandmaster Znosko-Borovsky explains the significance of quick improvement of the items, profession of the heart, the relation of the outlet to the overall plan of the participant, and the importance of regulate of the guts.

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1 52) Gylmesl - Guselnov Dubai 1999 1 :b6+ �a2 ( 1 . d5 5 "xd5+ :c4 6 1It'xc4+ �al 7 "c3+ �a2 8 "b2#) 5 "el+ 1-0. It's mate after 5 ... �a2 6 'iVbl+ �xa3 7 "b3#. 1 53) Ziegler - Mlralles Bundesliga 1999100 White missed a mate in five with 1 j,h7+! �xh7 2 "xf7+ �h6 3 "xe6+ �h7 4 "f7+ �h6 5 "g7#. 1 54) Bellon - Borges Mateos Varadero Capablanca mem 2000 White missed the chance to play 1 j,g8+! �g6 ( 1 . �h8 2 j,f7+ �h7 3 "g8#) 2 "f7+ �g5 3 h4+ �g4 4 "g6+ "g5 5 ;'e6#. 1 55) Ashley - Karatorosslan New York 2000 White missed the chance to play 1 "xa7+!

How did he finish the game quickly? Can you see a stronger move than Black's actual choice of 1 .. •xd4+ here? White is a pawn down and it Iooks as ifit will be a long hard defence. Is there an easy way to draw? 273 B Black's choice in the game was l . xc4+? Can you improve on this? White has just attacked the black knight with 1 h5. What's wrong with this idea?

0-1. The rook acts as a decoy. 45 1 g4+ 2 �xh4 :f3 0-1. Black mates with 3 ... :h3#. ••• 1 42) Aleksleva - Galdunts Metz 2000 1 lilf4+ 2 �h4 :g2! 0-1. • with 3 ... g5+ 4 lilxg5 fxg5#. •• Black mates by 2 �xh l "'xh3+ 3 �gl "xg2#. 1 43) G. Flear - Emms 1 34) Bosboom - Plket Hastings /989/90 1 bS"'+! (this came as a bit of a shock ! xbS 2 lilb7+ � c8 3 lLle7# (1-0) . Dutch Ch (Rotterdam) 2000 1 .. dl+ 0-1. It's mate after 2 �g3 "g4#. 1 44) Perry - Barlow 1 35) Petronlc - Panic Serbian Ch (Kragujevac) 2000 1.

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